office products suppliers

Due to the unique risks they face, office products suppliers can benefit from a custom-tailored insurance policy. Workers’ compensation insurance is a core element of any policy, protecting you from potential lawsuits and other significant expenses. As you shop insurance programs, it’s helpful to keep the following facts in mind.

1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is Government Mandated

Although specifics may vary state by state, employers across the United States are typically expected to purchase workers’ compensation insurance or face fines and other consequences. Employers are also prohibited from charging employees for the cost of the insurance.

2. Multiple Benefits are Covered

Policies usually cover unexpected accidents and injuries or illnesses that develop gradually. All related doctor visits, procedures, and rehabilitation may be included. Most policies also include:

  • Wage replacement
  • Job displacement training
  • Death benefits

3. Coverage May be Denied

Certain circumstances may disqualify injuries, even if they occur at work. If the employee was disobeying employer policies or procedures, the claim may be denied. Other reasons coverage may not apply include drug or alcohol involvement or if the injury is caused purposely by the employee.

Workers’ compensation insurance is critical to protecting the business of office products suppliers. An experienced team can help you develop a thorough insurance policy that gives you the coverage you need to protect your assets and thrive in your industry.

3 Facts to Understand About Workers’ Compensation Insurance