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Life in Orange County often means spending your free time out on the ocean in your boat. Whether you own a sailboat, motorboat or a pleasure craft large enough for your whole family, properly insuring your boat with Orange insurance can protect you against loss of money and property. However, basic coverage may not shield you from stem to stern, and there are a few items you may want to insure to give your watercraft complete protection.

1. Boat Sails

Sailboats can be prone to damage from sudden summer thunderstorms and other weather events. Their sails are especially vulnerable, and rips and tears may not be covered by basic insurance. Sail insurance can protect you against loss if your boat’s sails are damaged by weather or sailing accidents.

2. Interior Furnishings

If you own a larger boat, general coverage may not cover valuable comfort items you bring to it. Buying Orange insurance can protect a variety of interior items, such as:

  • Electronics
  • Furnishings
  • Fishing equipment

Your insurance agent can let you know which items qualify for coverage.

3. Boat Hull

If your boat’s hull becomes damaged, your watercraft may become unusable, and basic coverage may not cover all types of damage. Additional coverage can cover circumstances such as corrosion and weather breakage.

Boating can be one of the greatest perks of living in the OC. Protecting every inch of your craft with Orange insurance can ensure you enjoy every moment.

3 Items to Insure on Your Boat
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