Bergen County insurance

An insurance policy, whether it is to protect your car, home or family, is a must-have. To make sure you are getting a solid policy at an economical price, ask any potential insurance company, including Bergen County insurance agents, these three questions:

What Are My Limits?

Find out what your limits are so that you can be sure you are adequately protected. Minimum limits on personal liability policies, for example, have a minimum of $1 million, usually. Factors that will determine limits are the age of your home and automobile. Limits also determine your monthly premium.

Do You Have an Umbrella to Cover Me?

Many insurers offer an umbrella policy and it is something to seriously consider. Umbrella policies provides liability insurance over and above a homeowners policy. This will ensure you can cover any difference between your policy limits and damages cost. Ask your Bergen County insurance agent about umbrella coverage.

What Happens if I File a Claim?

Several factors can determine whether your policy premiums increase or stay the same. The number of claims on the policy is possibly the biggest factor. Too many claims and your insurance agency might drop your coverage.

Make sure ask all the Bergen County insurance agents you speak with about how they determine your policy, premiums and rates. It will help deliver peace of mind.

3 Questions to Ask Every Insurance Company