Whether you are opening up a brand-new restaurant or are giving your current one a revamp, knowing the facts regarding liquor liability insurance is a must. Learning as much as you can regarding the rules and regulations surrounding the distribution of alcohol to your patrons doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s as easy as obtaining a liquor liability insurance quote.

Here are 3 reasons why getting a liquor liability policy is crucial to the success of your restaurant.

  1. Can’t Serve Without It: If you want to serve alcohol at your restaurant, as most do, you must have liquor liability insurance. Most states require the policy be displayed as having this type of insurance prevents many legal issues from forming.
  2. Protect Your Assets: When an alcohol-related incident occurs, many look to blame the eating establishment that served the person the drinks. Even if you are not held liable, the costs of acquiring legal help can be too much for many restaurants and bars.
  3. Peace of Mind: Having liquor liability coverage allows you to relax and entertain your customers at ease, even if an alcohol-related claim is lingering behind the scenes. Knowing that you have your insurance company there to fight for you enables you to keep the rest of your business up and running efficiently.

Now that you know the importance of alcohol and liability, contact your local insurance company to get a quick liquor liability insurance quote and protect your business today.

3 Reasons Liquor Liability Insurance is Vital to Your Restaurant