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Living in Los Angeles is expensive, which probably has you hesitant to add another bill to the mix. But renters insurance in L.A. is affordable and could save you a ton of money in the long run. Check out these reasons to purchase a policy.

You Own Expensive Stuff

Your landlord probably has a policy that covers the building itself, but that policy will not cover your personal property. If you are a musician, artist or entertaining without a renters policy, you can kiss your equipment and supplies goodbye if a disaster occurs. The same can be said even if you just happen to love keeping up with technology trends.

You Move Your Stuff Around a Lot

Renters insurance is meant to cover your personal belongings. That policy is not null and void if your property isn’t actually in your apartment. Was your keyboard damaged in a car accident? Did you drop your camera during that last surfing trip in Malibu? Your policy probably covers the loss.

You Entertain Guests Often

Many renters policies include liability coverage. Did your klutzy neighbor trip over your antique rug again? Don’t worry. The liability coverage of your renters policy will probably cover most injuries. Just be sure to check the amount of coverage.

If you don’t already have a renters policy, it’s time to start searching for insurance in L.A. Your landlord may even require it.

3 Reasons to Purchase a Renters Insurance Policy
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