Grocery Stores

Grocery and convenience stores provide a vital role in the community by providing clients with fresh fruit, vegetables, and other useful items. The presence and handling of food invite unique risks and exposures that can endanger your employees and customers. Fortunately, a grocery store insurance plan that covers these unique risk areas can protect your business and the people involved.


Food is a major component of your establishment, but also the most vulnerable. If the refrigerators suddenly broke down, they could spoil most of the items and create large replacement and business disruption costs. Food spoilage coverage includes the expenses needed to replace the ruined product with fresh food.

Equipment Breakdown

As mentions, most convenience store insurance considers equipment malfunction and breakdown. This type of insurance can cover all sorts of devices, from heaters and air conditioning to computers and manufacturing devices. Mechanical and electronic failures are both included under this policy.

Liquor Liability

If your business sells alcohol, it is liable for any property damage or injury caused by a drunk customer, even if the incident takes place far from your property. While this can be unfair, you can greatly diminish financial harm to the store by having a liquor liability program cover all associated costs.

Grocery stores are complex establishments with many moving parts and products, which leads to multiple risks. A strong insurance plan can cover these areas and much more.

3 Risk Areas Unique to Grocery Stores