factory insurance

Factory vehicles and the way they are driven require special insurance coverage. When choosing auto and manufacturing vehicle coverage for your company, it may benefit you to first understand the different types that may be available from companies which specialize in factory insurance.

1. Medical Coverage

If your company car is involved in an accident, basic car insurance may not cover injuries obtained by non-employees who were in the vehicle at the time. Medical coverage for your company car or other factory vehicles typically covers medical bills for these passengers.

2. Uninsured Driver Coverage

If an uninsured driver hits a company car or other vehicle on your property, you may be left with the cost of medical bills and property damage. Factory insurance can offer you coverage and protection from uninsured drivers that may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Damaged or destroyed vehicles
  • Damage to company property

This type of insurance can help protect you from the negligence of others, no matter where you drive.

3. Property Damage Coverage

Sometimes accidents happen when you are driving on company property or out on the road in your company car. Property damage insurance covers damage to vehicles or property if you should hit them with your car.

Factory vehicles and company cars are often vulnerable to damage. However, factor insurance can help ensure that they are protected against a variety of dangerous and costly situations.

3 Types of Insurance Coverage for Factory Vehicles and Drivers
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