For those who live on the coast, prepping for hurricane season is a necessary part of life each year. Strong winds, surging tides, and heavy rainfall can quickly wear down a home’s defenses, but making a few simple changes to your hurricane preparation plan can drastically reduce the impact tropical storms have on your coastal property.

1. Clean Up Your Exterior

Bring in exterior furniture and decorative items, as they are at risk of being blown or washed away. Remove trees that are in danger of falling on your home, and trim shrubbery or landscaping features that may obstruct water and airflow.

2. Check for Leaks

Check for holes or gaps around the edges of windows and doors to prevent rising water from seeping into your home. Make sure your roof and ceilings are also protected against torrential downpours, which can cause sagging or other types of structural damage.

3. Lock Down Your Home

Board up your doors and windows to prevent them from breaking or blowing off in high winds. Garage doors are common hurricane victims, so don’t forget to secure them, too.

4. Protect Your Furniture and Electronics

Move furniture and other valuable belongings to the highest floor of your house in case your home experiences flooding. Unplug electronics that cannot be moved, and consider a generator if your home is frequently inhabited during hurricane season.

While you cannot stop a hurricane in its tracks, you can minimize the damage it leaves behind and maximize the time you get to spend in your personal paradise.

4 Quick Tips for Prepping for Hurricane Season