Independent contractors need a number of different types of business insurance. They face unique situations and risks on a daily basis as part of their job so insurance coverage is a must. Part of this insurance coverage should be pollution liability coverage. It is not uncommon for contractors to produce hazardous waste while working and this can lead to claims of damage.

Independent contractors are not the only people who need pollution liability insurance. If you run a business that produces hazardous waste emissions during manufacturing, you too could benefit from pollution liability insurance.

What Does Pollution Liability Insurance Cover You Against?

Pollution liability insurance policies cover you against a variety claims from third parties in regards to damage caused by hazardous waste materials, whether that damage comes in the form of an injury or property damage. You are covered while you are completing a job and also after the job is completed.

Who Needs Pollution Liability Insurance?

If your business produces any kind of hazardous waste, it is in your best interest to purchase pollution liability insurance. Some examples could be asbestos abatement or waste depository.

When your work produces hazardous waste, you are constantly at risk of damaging property or injuring someone. Having pollution liability insurance can go a long way towards helping your work run more smoothly.

A Short Guide To Pollution Liability Insurance