insurance for california marinas

Owning and/or operating a marina in California is a dream job for many people, but in order to do so responsibly you’ll want to explore your options for insurance for California marinas carefully.

The two primary types of insurance coverage are general liability and property damage, and you will want to make sure you have adequate coverage in those areas. However, there are several other types of less well-known risks that come along with this unique line of work that might warrant extra coverage.

Piers, Wharves and Docks

In addition to covering the marina itself from any damage, you also need to consider things such as piers, wharves and docks, all of which could incur costly repairs.

Auto Insurance

You might have already explored boat coverage, but did you think about the possibility of needing auto insurance? If your employees drive for any reason in the course of their duties, you may want an auto insurance policy.

Sudden and Accidental Pollution

There are numerous environmental laws and regulations that are applicable to marinas, and insurance for California marinas should cover unexpected accidents such as oil spills and hazardous waste.

Special Event

You might need to obtain separate coverage if you plan to host special events, especially if you plan to serve alcohol. You might also want to consider extra coverage for any high cost events, such as auctions with high cost items.

Associated Risks of Marina Operations