Henry County, VA, attracts many small businesses, as the Martinsville Speedway continues to bring in tourists and agribusinesses continue to expand. The housing, lodging and restaurant industries are all in turn thriving, and you may be one of the new business owners shopping for business insurance in Henry County. As you consider your options, first make sure you get good coverage in three basic areas: property insurance, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Property insurance tends to be essential to many Henry County businesses, since agribusinesses and housing and restaurant businesses all rely on physical property. This type of insurance covers buildings and furniture, equipment and inventory, and even documents and money, in the case of theft, vandalism, fire or a storm. Then there’s general liability insurance, which is usually important for a business that provides service on premises. A customer can sue you for sustaining injuries in your place of business, and general liability insurance could protect you in case of such lawsuits. And finally, workers’ compensation insurance is required by law and can also be important in retaining valued employees. Anyone can be injured because of an accident in the workplace, and experienced workers will often choose to work for employers who provide them with solid workers’ compensation insurance.

As you look for business insurance in Henry County, you may see many business insurance packages and options available on the market. Start your selection process by looking at what you’re getting in these three keys areas of coverage: property insurance, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

The Basics of Small Business Insurance if You’re in Henry County