Thayer Innes

It is important to protect a luxury home with high-value homeowner’s insurance. These tips can help you buy the luxury home that checks off the needs and wants list.


When considering where to buy your luxury home, consider what is in the works around the area. A planned high-rise next to the home you are looking at can detract from the home’s value.


Use an expert in luxury homes for your search. Often these listings go under-the-radar and you need someone experienced in finding those properties.


Before you make an offer, have your agent look at the comparable homes to find the right price to offer. Luxury homes often command a higher price but that doesn’t mean it isn’t negotiable.


Going only by the photos online can leave you missing out on a great property that the camera fails to capture. You really can only get a sense of the place once you step inside.


Banks want to know you have the ability to pay for the mortgage especially on high-end homes. The insurance firm Thayer Innes states that a standard homeowner’s insurance policy may not meet the needs of a high-end home. Factor in these costs when looking at the home’s affordability.

Protect one of the largest investments most people make with high-value homeowners insurance. Not only is it required by the mortgage company, but it helps protect you from financial loss.

Before You Buy a Luxury Home, Consider These Tips