Prevention of a problem is its best solution. When you own a business where workers are engaging in labor that runs the risk of injury, helping them avoid injury is going to be the best way to reduce liability. Having a workers’ compensation dividend policy as part of your paper distributors insurance package accomplishes that goal. It can result in a safer work environment, which lowers the number of claims, which makes you eligible for a dividend payment for good performance.

A dividend policy is the insurer’s agreement with the insured that they will work together to increase the safety of the company’s work environment. Through employee training and regular safety checks that identify areas of success as well as areas where improvements are needed, your company can track its progress toward decreasing workplace hazards. When the workplace is less dangerous, fewer injuries occur, resulting in fewer workers’ compensation claims being filed. At the end of the paper distributors insurance policy term, your performance is evaluated. If your workplace safety has shown improvement, you earn dividends on the premiums you paid, which lowers your overall insurance costs.

A dividend policy directly awards companies that provide safer work environments for their employees. A safe workplace results in fewer claims and yields higher dividends. Everyone wins.

Benefits of a Workers’ Compensation Dividend Policy