production insurance

What is It?

Production insurance is a bundle of coverages that can be used to protect your business against the many risks that come about during film production. Rather than use your film’s budget to cover for incidents such as copyright claims, injury to cast members and third parties or damage to your property.

Coverages Available

Depending on the carrier you choose, you’ll have access to a variety of insurance coverages. In general, you can expect your policy to include the following.

Property insurance: protects your business in case your property is damaged or destroyed due to a fire, theft, vandalism or covered weather event. Your policy will pay to repair or replace the covered items.

Liability insurance: if a third party experiences bodily injury or property damage during your production, your policy can be used to pay for any legal fees, medical expenses or any other charges for which you’re found liable.

Workers’ compensation insurance: If an employee is hurt or becomes ill because of your production activities, your policy will cover the medical expenses and lost wages.

Determining the right amount of production insurance can be a challenge for new producers. Work with an agent who can align the industry’s requirements with your needs to ensure that you’re properly covered.

Breaking Down Film Production Insurance