insurance for bars

Running a bar is a lot of fun; it’s also a huge responsibility. Everyone’s favorite watering hole comes with additional obligation to the public that other hospitality businesses do not have, and that is making sure the safety of your patrons and others is not jeopardized by excess consumption. Should someone drink too much and then cause an accident while driving home, you may find yourself in hot water. Victims of drunk drivers might have recourse to sue you for intoxicating a person and then allowing him or her behind the wheel. You need comprehensive insurance for bars to protect yourself against such action.

You’ll have general liability for your business, every owner needs that, but you must also secure liquor and excess liability in order to serve and sell alcohol on your premises. When the party gets too rough, you’ll rely upon assault and battery and products and completed operations riders to cover any property and personal damage. You opened your bar because you want to help people take a load off after a hard day and have a good time. You opened it to offer some fun. Don’t lose everything by not being properly insured should the carelessness of another cause harm. Secure comprehensive insurance for bars today.

You Cannot Have Too Much Insurance for Bars
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