If you need to file a claim under your cargo insurance, otherwise known as freight insurance, there are few procedures to keep in mind. Pay close attention to the time limitations for filing your claim. These limitations vary depending upon the type of shipment. Ocean claims need to be filed within three days from the date of delivery. Notify your insurance company immediately and gather the cargo claims information to support your proof of claim.


Your Responsibilities in the Event of a Loss


As the claimant under a cargo insurance policy, it is your responsibility to minimize any further damage. If your goods are damaged but still have value, the carrier is only required to pay the difference between the original value and the remaining value therefore, you need to separate the damaged goods, repack them and move them to a secure location. Do not dispose of any damaged goods until the claim has been settled.


Your Proof of Claim Form will specify the documents that you need to file, but all carriers require the following information:


  • The type of shipment
  • The type of damage or loss
  • The total amount of the claim
  • A demand for payment


Supporting documentation will likely include items such as the shipping invoice, delivery receipt, bills of lading, and documents proving the value of the lost or damaged goods. Additional documents may be required by your insurance carrier, such as correspondence between you and your freight provider.


When you have suffered a cargo loss, you should immediately contact your insurance provider, take steps to mitigate any further damage, and gather the cargo claims information to support your claim.

What Cargo Claims Information Is Required in the Event of a Loss?