World Wide Insurance

Insurance needs and coverage will vary according to the industry served. The group at World Wide Insurance specializes in offering coverage to companies that operate staffing services. With over six thousand staffing agencies insured, this group has the experience to provide the policies you need.

What Policies are Necessary?

General Liability Insurance. One of the first policies a company will take on covers areas of general liability. This primary coverage addresses concerns with third-party injuries that occur at your operating location, property damage incurred by third-party actions and potential advertising or marketing lawsuits resulting from questionable activity.

Business Owner Policy. Some insurance coverage is most cost efficient and comprehensive when bundled together. A BOP combines the benefits of commercial property insurance with general liability. It usually includes theft, fire, vandalism or windstorms. Flood or hurricane damage isn’t usually included in this coverage.

Professional Liability Coverage. If a client accuses your company (via the actions of lack-of by one of your temp employees) of professional mistakes or errors, this policy will help with the financial costs of a lawsuit. If an employee lies about their skill level and an error occurs, professional liability would be available to minimize the damage.

World Wide Insurance has decades of experience with staffing policies. They are the right choice for comprehensive assistance with your insurance needs.

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