insurance agency in Martinsville

Finding a good agent or broker is one of the most important decisions of insurance buying you can make. It is also often the most neglected part of the insurance purchasing decision. Here are a couple of things to look for before you interview an insurance agency in Martinsville or the surrounding area:

Check your potential agent’s qualifications and expertise. A competitive rate is important, but more significant is the insurance company’s ability to satisfy your claims fully and in a timely manner. They may answer the phone and become your best friend while you are shopping for insurance, but what about after the purchase? It is the qualifications that carry over into saving you dollars and cents at claim time.

Interview two or three agents who have been referred to you by trusted friends or family members, and choose the one best qualified. Make sure the agent is licensed for property, casualty, health, and life insurance, and is part of a complete team willing to help you settle claims. Moreover, look at the length of time your potential agent has been in the industry.

Lastly, look for an insurance agency in Martinsville near where you live. Working with agents in your community can offer you peace of mind as you trust them to take care of you and your loved ones.

Choosing the Proper Insurance Agent for Your Needs