Your Medicare plan on its own may not cover all of the copayments, and deductibles that are necessary for your optimum healthcare. There are often many areas in the budget where cuts can be made to save money, but sacrificing your health shouldn’t be an option. This is where Lincoln Medicare Supplement plans come in. These policies may cover some exceptional circumstances as well. One example of this might be the coverage you may need if you seek healthcare outside of the country as a traveler. In fact, if your medical needs extend beyond what is considered to be normal, then you may need more coverage than your original policy is likely to provide.

Supplemental coverage, sometimes referred to as Medigap, works in a simple way. Your Medicare policy will be used first to cover your medical costs. After that, the supplemental plan with kick in to cover a pre-determined amount for the expenses outlined in your insurance documentation.

For your insurance coverage to be successful, you need to be aware that this coverage isn’t all-inclusive. For example, it doesn’t cover vision and dental care. It can’t be used to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses. However, if you are hospitalized repeatedly, or if you find that your hospital stay extends beyond the average, then Lincoln Medicare Supplement plans could be just what you need.

Compensating Where Medicare Leaves Off