marine manufacturers insurance
marine manufacturers insurance

For those in the business of providing marine parts and accessories to retailers, quality and reliability are the name of the game. The key to any successful business is a satisfied client. Those same clients expect perfection, because their reputation is also on the line when things go wrong. When someone takes a pleasure vessel for a cruise they want to know they can depend on the reliability of its components to get them out and back in safely.

When considering the challenges of this industry, it is easy to see why some faulty part or poor construction can slip past unnoticed. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents or injuries, which can easily lead to lawsuits. Because of these issues there is a very urgent need to protect the assets of the company, and this is accomplished by carrying adequate amounts of marine manufacturers insurance.


For boat builders, there are several policies available to meet the needs of this exciting and dynamic industry. Even with the best business strategy there is always those concerns with employees and the likelihood of an unfortunate incident, which can be costly and time consuming. 


Why purchase coverage for one type of hazard when something else could occur? Without the proper coverage a company could be in jeopardy and the owners could lose all they’ve worked so long and so hard for. Here is a list of some common coverages that most people in the boat building and manufacturing industries routinely carry to avoid the pitfalls of litigation and large settlements in favor of plaintiffs:


  • General Liability

  • Products Completed Operations Liability

  • Marina Operators Legal Liability

  • Protection and Indemnity

  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability

  • Commercial Automobile

  • Pollution

  • Bumbershoot

There are obvious concerns for the safety of workers, the use of company cars, vans and trucks in the transporting of parts, legal liabilities as a marine operator, and pollution concerns from oils and other toxins associated with running this type of enterprise.

Protect those people and things that keep the company running smoothly

A company has a lot of things to consider during its daily operations. From the moment they open their doors until closing time, any one of a number of things can turn an ordinary day into one where important decisions have to be made, lives can be threatened, and the business can lay on the brink of disaster. Marine manufacturers insurance is the resource that protects the company and the people who work for it.


Concerns Relating to the Need for Marine Manufacturers Insurance