Connecticut used car dealer insurance
Connecticut used car dealer insurance

Though a certain image may come to mind when we hear the phrase “used car,” it’s not always about cheap junkers. Sometimes that used car you’re buying or selling is an antique, a collector’s item to be added to a growing gallery. As an important and expensive hobby for many people, it stands to reason that there should be coverage for it in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you’re looking for this slightly different form of Connecticut used car dealer insurance, it is good to know that though it may be specialized, it is available. It’s important to protect the things in your life with sentimental value as well as property value, and your used car collection is the perfect candidate.


Predicting Your Needs


The right insurance company will talk with you and work to offer the best possible coverage. Find an agency that understands the significance of your collection and what the cars mean to you – knowing just how important it is can help them guide you to the best plan. A zero deductible may be available in your plan, as well as high liability limits to make absolutely sure your property will be protected. Some agencies may also let you pick a mileage plan, letting you decide which is best. You can tailor your policy to automatically cover newly purchased vehicles, which can be useful if you tend to acquire at a high volume. Your coverage plan could also include protection while the car is being restored, as well as labor and towing. Each and every aspect of acquiring these historic cars can be protected by your Connecticut used car dealer insurance plan.


Safeguard Your Passion


Collecting classic cars is an important hobby for many people around the world, but only some parts of the world can provide insurance made specifically to protect this property. Whether on the lot, in the garage, or in your driveway, these more than just the average “used cars” can and should be covered.

Covering Your Collection