It is possible for any practicing dentist to be involved in a malpractice case during the course of his career. Even if the litigation results in a positive outcome for a dentist, the legal fees alone can be astronomical. Having adequate Med mal insurance can protect you in the event you are sued. It can be very costly to defend a lawsuit, even if you ultimately win the case. In order to proceed with dental malpractice litigation, a patient must demonstrate three things.


Verify Patient/Doctor Relationship


The first criterion for any dental malpractice lawsuit is confirming a patient/doctor relationship exists and it includes the dentist’s responsibility to treat the patient.


Breach of Duty


Another precedent that must be established in a malpractice lawsuit is the dentist was delinquent in his duty or that he strayed from the accepted course of treatment. His course care must also be believed to have deviated from what a careful dentist what do under the same circumstances.


Actual Damages Suffered


Finally, a patient must be able to prove he suffered real damages or harm. If a dentist didn’t adhere to the standard course of care, but the patient didn’t experience any negative consequences a judge would likely throw out the case.


These three criteria must be clearly apparent before the next phase of a malpractice lawsuit can commence. Dentists Med mal insurance can help dentists defend themselves in the event they become embroiled in a litigation.

Dental Malpractice Lawsuits 101