Insurance Coverage

Employers liability insurance for volunteers protects a company against injury or illness claims stemming from actions performed while on-premises.

Are Volunteers Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

Typically, workers’ compensation coverage does not include volunteers. Often, companies are unaware that their policies do not cover volunteer workers until after an injury occurs. An owner should obtain specific insurance for this purpose to protect their organization from possible claims or damages.

What Do Volunteer Policies Cover?

Insurance of this type will usually cover medical expenses or bills if injuries occur due to negligence. Public liability coverage can protect against claims that arise when a volunteer harms a third party through their actions.

Do You Need to Have This Coverage?

Employers liability insurance for volunteers is vital to safeguard your operation from possible lawsuits. Without policies unique to volunteer workers, a nonprofit may have to defend claims with its funds, which can be rather costly.

A company should also find out if their volunteers are already covered. Schools often cover unpaid student interns. In that case, a business should ask for documented verification of the policy from the institution.

This kind of specialty protection helps manage the risks specific to volunteers. It is essential for organizations with this type of worker to address liability risks with adequate coverage.

Do You Need Insurance Coverage for Volunteers?
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