Liability insurance for dogs

You love your pet, and you know that your furry best friend would never hurt anyone on purpose. Accidents happen, however, so it is wise to have liability insurance for dogs. Insuring your dog can not only give you and your associates peace of mind in the event that it injures someone, but it can also take care of the worries of the injured party.

If your dog bites someone, even if that person is at fault, it can be costly. Not only are you likely to be held responsible for your dog’s behavior, but your landlord or housing community could also be held at fault. If your pet is insured for such an event, however, the policy can protect you and any additional insureds from having to pay medical bills or legal costs out of pocket.

Liability insurance for dogs also protects the injured. They can get any medical help they need without having to worry about how they are going to pay the bill. If they take you to court and win a settlement, they can rest easy, knowing that your policy will pay it.

While prevention is always the best policy, having a backup plan is smart. Insuring your dog protects everyone involved in the event of an incident.

Dog Bite Insurance: Whom Does It Cover?