property insurance New York
property insurance New York

Having property insurance in New York is essential for your protection and the protection of your family. You’ll also want to supplement that property insurance with an umbrella policy in the event that you’re ever sued and your property insurance isn’t enough to cover the settlement, court costs and assorted legal fees. Believe it or not, but your driving record will play a part in how much you have to pay for umbrella insurance.

Paying More for Driving Poorly

If you have a spotted driving record, you’ll be seen as a high risk by insurance providers. What this essentially means is that you’ll have to pay more your for umbrella policy than someone who has a clean driving record. You can also expect to pay more for umbrella insurance if you have a teenage driver in your home since they’re more accident-prone than other drivers.

The Effects of Driving on Umbrella Insurance

The reason that the way you drive plays such a big part in how much you pay for umbrella insurance is because there are more accidents on the road than there are accidents in your home. Should an accident occur on your property or while you’re inside of your vehicle, the resulting lawsuit could cause you to lose your home. That’s the reason that you’ll want to get adequate umbrella and property insurance in New York.

Sit down with your insurance agent today to look over your driving record and to discuss your options for umbrella insurance.

Driving the Point Home about Umbrella Insurance