Staffing insurance

As a staffing agency, your job is to match qualified temporary and contract employees with clients that have openings. You already know that accomplishing this is far more complicated than it may sound, though. There are countless challenges that you encounter on a day to day basis, and perhaps you have had to deal with the repercussions of an employee’s unsatisfactory performance. If an employee works at one of your clients’ facilities and makes errors or otherwise performs poorly, it can cause a liability and even jeopardize your relationship with the client. What are some of the best ways to combat this risk?

  • Comprehensive training: Training employees extensively in the expectations of your own company as well as the clients’ can prevent misunderstandings that contribute to mistakes. Collaborate with clients to include crucial information regarding their facility.
  • Deliberate recruiting: The best way to prevent mistakes by employees is to deliberately recruit and hire the top talent in the field. Changing the perspective you have towards recruiting can improve your candidate and employee pool dramatically.
  • Staffing insurance: Investing in staffing insurance is a good idea for guarding against potential damages caused by an employee. If it becomes a legal issue, a policy can provide coverage that protects you from some of the financial repercussions.
What to Do When Employees Make Errors