dangerous dog liability insurance

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a dog bites someone almost every single minute in the United States, and many resultant injuries are severe enough to require emergency treatment. Buying dangerous dog liability insurance, as well as having some practical knowledge about how to keep man’s best friend out of high-risk situations, can protect you from this turmoil.

Recognizing and Preventing Dog Bites Before They Happen

Even the most well-behaved of pooches is susceptible to this unfortunate behavior. Any dog, of any age, may bite if subjected to any of the following:


  • Extreme stress, fear or surprise
  • Encroachment upon the dog’s perceived territory by another animal or human
  • A perceived threat to one of the dog’s pack members, human or animal
  • Rambunctious activity which triggers the dog’s “attack the prey” instinct

An illness may make your dog feel more vulnerable and more easily provoked in any of these situations. Be a more proactive pet owner by keeping an eye out for these behaviors and preventing dog bites before they happen.

Obtaining Liability Insurance as a Fail-Safe

You can’t be there to monitor every situation your dog might encounter. An unexpected incident is always possible, and dangerous dog liability insurance—to cover legal and medical costs in the unfortunate event of a dog bite—is something every canine owner should invest in, if for no other reason than peace of mind.

When it comes to safety, don’t leave things to chance. Be alert for these common distress warning signs in your dog, and consider canine liability insurance today.

Even Good Dogs Bite: Why Canine Liability Insurance Is a Necessity