Most people realize that your age and driving history go into determining your Virginia Auto Insurance, but there are many other factors that can affect your rates. Although you can’t change your age or sex, you certainly can change how you drive and keep your insurance rates more steady over time. Here are some other factors that you can control.

Purchasing a low-risk vehicle that includes more safety and anti-theft features or choosing a low-profile vehicle that isn’t as likely to be stolen will lower your premium. Before you buy your car, ask the insurance agent about the car’s relative risk.

When switching policies, always cancel the old policy instead of not paying the bill. It could go on your credit report as non-payment, which will affect your rates in the future. Your credit score is another factor of your VA auto insurance. A higher score will mean lower premiums.

Check your policy to make sure it’s covering the right vehicle. The difference between two doors and four doors or the wrong model can make a difference in your premium. It’s easy to make a mistake because so many cars sound alike or have different models with similar names.

Check with your professional organizations to see if you qualify for a discount through them. Some employers offer lower group insurance rates, and an affiliation with AAA can lower your rates. It only takes a few minutes to ask, and you could save money.

Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance