assisted living facility insurance
assisted living facility insurance

Assisted living facilities play an important role in the ongoing care for elderly individuals. Fleet coverage is one type that may not be regularly thought of as part of assisted living facility insurance, but if transportation is one of the services that they offer, the correct automobile coverage can certainly be necessary.


The Right Coverage for The Right Vehicle


Most insurance providers that offer assisted living facility coverage are very well aware of the fact that these businesses require a wide variety of protection. As a result of this knowledge, business owners can usually expect to have very specific options available to them.


Coverage plans may specify the type of vehicle that is to be covered, but the unique properties of each vehicle will likely need to be discussed as well. If a transport van has a lift or ramp, if they require special restraints or equipment for safety purposes, accounting for these needs as well as basic maintenance and repair coverage will provide more effective coverage.


Careful Consideration


Although many assisted living facilities only have a select few vehicles at their disposal, it is important that business owners protect their interests by carefully considering the benefits of automobile coverage. If professional vehicles are responsible for transporting residents to appointments, outings, or to work, discussing the most effective way to protect vehicles and residents alike can help them avoid leaving costly holes in their insurance plan.


Transportation can be an important service provided by an assisted living facility. By considering the addition of automotive coverage in their assisted living facility insuranceplan, employees can continue to provide quality transportation without the fear of unexpected costs.

Fleet Coverage for Assisted Living Facilities