Protx Risk Senior Living Insurance

As people are living longer, there will be a growing demand for facilities catering to senior citizens. Nursing homes play a pivotal role in providing long-term care for the baby boomer generation. Families trust you to provide a safe, nurturing environment for their loved ones. Nevertheless, there are risks that are unforeseen and unavoidable, especially in the eldercare arena. This is why Protx Risk senior living insurance caters specifically to this market by offering a wide range of customized programs for nursing homes and other senior housing facilities.

The most basic policy a nursing home facility needs is general liability. The policy safeguards your business form third party lawsuits. Anyone from clients to employees can fall under the “third party” classification. The program covers property and bodily injuries. For example, if a resident slips, falls and sustains an injury from a recently mopped floor a lawsuit can be filed. The coverage protects your establishment against the associated financial losses, such as medical expenses and legal fees. This enables you to continue providing quality care for your clients, without interruption. In addition, Protx Risk senior living insurance offers more comprehensive options, ranging from workers compensation and property coverage to cyber liability to automobile liability that will help you mitigate other common perils.


General Liability Insurance Basics for Nursing Homes