For younger drivers, the cost of car insurance is often quite high, but there are certain exposures associated with youths that demonstrate why they are made to pay a higher premium. Inexperience, recklessness, plus their being prone to distractions (texting, horseplay) all play a part in why the risk is considered much higher among newer drivers.


It’s important that they have a valid drivers license and auto insurance every time they get behind the wheel of a car. They are required by law to have at least the minimum requirement of coverage before they can legally be on the road. Parents must educate their children to the dangers of reckless behavior while operating a motor vehicle, which may help to avoid any serious consequences due to any inappropriate actions. They can also obtain car insurance quotes in ct that will help provide a policy at a reasonable rate.


What happens when you are involved in an accident?


Traffic accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and though an auto insurance policy provides protection there still may be concerns about the policy rates increasing after the filing of any required claim. In some instances the insurer may decide to cancel a policy altogether. Every time an accident occurs an agent and/or adjuster will analyze the damages using many variables, including fault, history of accidents, moving violations and number of auto insurance claims.


Depending on their findings, there may not be any premium increase. If the accident is the fault of your teenaged driver, and it results in property damage, this could affect any good driver discounts in place, and may trigger an increase in the premium amount. If someone is injured, a premium increase is a very likely scenario. This is why it’s important to stay focused and be attentive when driving.


Non-renewal & cancellation policy 


Different insurers determine what constitutes an unacceptable driving record by their own standards. The more serious incidents, for example accidents due to driving under the influence, will result in a cancellation, as well as make it difficult to get insurance from other companies as well. The bottom line is, always have a policy in place, and get car insurance quotes in CT for the most affordable coverage to protect not only the automobile but also all parties that are involved.







A Good Auto Policy Provides Valuable Protection