Legal Hash

Despite the popularization of cannabis and hemp, consumers and experts alike are still hazy on hash and its role in the growing industry. As states become more accepting of legal hash, however, it’s critical that growers make the most of all parts of the cannabis plant, including this often overlooked but powerful component.

1. What It Is

Hash, short for hashish, is found on the surface of cannabis plants. It is extracted from trichomes, the glands on the plant that produce resin, and the result is a sticky, powdered substance that can be smoked or infused into food and drinks.

2. What It Does 

Though it is chemically similar to marijuana, hash is highly concentrated and therefore usually more potent than traditional marijuana. Even habitual smokers should be mindful of the amount of hash they ingest at first, as the resulting high can be nearly twice as intense.

3. Why It’s Useful

In addition to getting more bang for your buck, it is easier to infuse hash into advanced smoking pieces, such as vaporizers or dab rigs, as well as edibles. It can also be ground and presented in pill, oil, or topical form.

People in all stages of cannabis production can benefit from extracting hash and exploring its many applications. Thanks to constant advances in the medical and recreational legality of cannabis, you can expect to see more from this elusive powdered substance in the coming years.

Hashish 101: What You Should Know About Legal Hash
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