For those who lease an apartment or condo, your renter’s insurance will usually cover theft or damage, but what if your dog bites an individual? Pet owners have different needs when it comes to insurance. A homeowner’s policy might cover damage or liability for accidents that happen on your property, but you might want to take a closer look to make sure you’re fully covered when it comes to dog bite insurance claims.

The CDC states that millions of people are bitten each year by dogs. Over 20 percent of those incidents are serious enough to require medical attention. Medical bills and personal injury claims from dog bites are also the most common claims against homeowner’s and renter’s insurance.

Even Good Dogs Bite Sometimes

Well-behaved and properly trained dogs are much less likely to bite, but animals are sometimes unpredictable. A dog that isn’t aggressive at all still has its limits. If they are ill, they might bite to say, “I want to be left alone.” They might feel threatened or afraid, they could nip or bite in order to protect themselves. Many dogs will get excited and bite while playing with other dogs or people. Even if the dog isn’t biting out of aggression, you could still face civil litigation.

Make sure your policy includes protection against dog bite insurance claims. Call an agent today to discuss your options.

When Your Homeowner’s Policy Isn’t Enough