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The #MeToo movement took the social media sites by storm starting in the Fall of 2017. It seems like women have come out of the woodwork in every avenue to highlight these abuses. Unfortunately, not all the claims are legitimate and leave room for malicious prosecution Texas claims.

Sexual Harassment Claims

One effect of the movement was the rise in sexual harassment claims. While many of these had the evidence to back up the claims, not all did. Unfortunately, the backlash affecting the accused can be life-altering. As such, these claims become negative both for the movement and sexual harassment claims at large. According to Huntersure LLC, those accused without reasonable cause may have the ability to countersue. Those false claims can then end up costing the accuser rather than the accused.

Court System Updates

Another thing that the #MeToo movement has shed light on is the court system and the laws currently on the books. While some of the wrongfully accused can file a countersuit under malicious prosecution laws, not all cases qualify. There currently are no criminal actions accusers must face if they maliciously accuse another of sexual harassment.
When there is no reason for a lawsuit to be brought against another, the accused may have recourse for damages under the current malicious prosecution Texas law. An attorney can help evaluate the claims made against a person to see if they qualify.

How the #MeToo Movement Has Affected Malicious Prosecution Claims