acord 125 fillable

Commercial insurance can be critical as a business owner. If the unexpected happens, commercial insurance can cover the costs and prevent you from personally absorbing liability. Without commercial insurance, you may end up paying out of pocket to repair property damages or deal with legal claims.

If you’re wondering how to obtain commercial insurance for your business, it starts with learning about the accord 125 fillable insurance application. This is the document you will need to fill out when filing for this type of insurance. Take the following steps to help protect your business.

Pick the Correct Type of Insurance

Find out which type of business insurance is right for you. There are six different types, including general liability, product liability, commercial property and business owner’s insurance. Assess the risks your business potentially faces to determine the correct type of commercial insurance.

Submit Your Insurance Application

Once you know which type of insurance you want, find a licensed agent to help you fill out and submit the accord 125 fillable commercial insurance application. The application will ask for your carrier’s information, type of
insurance you wish to purchase, details about your business and personal information such as your contact number. Once you’ve filled out and signed the accord 125 fillable, you will submit it to the insurance company.

How to Get Commercial Insurance