Antique Car

If you are entering the world of collectible cars, you may hear several words thrown around. These words include classic, antique and vintage cars. In some instances, you may hear these words tosses around interchangeably. After all, most people will refer to an older car as a classic car, regardless of the exact age.

How do you know if you have an antique car? The age should tell you.

Who Decides the Classification of a Car?

When it comes to the guidelines for an antique car, there are always discrepancies between different organizations. Insurance companies and the Classic Car Club of America may have different definitions for antiques versus classic or vintage cars. One of the general rules of an antique car is that it has to be over 45 years old.

Why Does Your Car’s Classification Matter?

In general, your car’s classification matters when it comes to your insurance policy. Antique cars require specific insurance policies. Antique cars are an investment and if you ever have to replace their parts, you know how expensive restoration can be. Unlike your typical modern vehicle, you don’t drive it every day. The risks are different for antique cars and hence they require different insurance policies.

When it comes to your antique car, you must discuss with your insurance agent what they consider to be an antique and which coverages are available for your specific model.

How to Know if You Have an Antique Car
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