You love your pet. You consider him to be a member of your family — and you trust him not to harm you or anyone else. But as gentle and loving as your dog may be, it’s possible for any canine to bite under the right circumstances. To protect yourself in the event that this happens, you should consider buying liability dog insurance.

These types of policies provide a financial safety net if you become liable for harm caused by your pet. Dog bite insurance has become increasingly popular in the last several decades as pet owners have sought ways to ensure coverage that may not be provided by their existing renters’ or homeowners’ policies. They are especially advantageous for those who own a breed that is considered dangerous, as these pets are often excluded from coverage under traditional insurance policies.

To purchase a liability dog insurance policy, look for an established company that specializes in this form of insurance. Some companies offer no-deductible policies and take into account your individual pet’s history rather than charging a premium based solely on the breed you own. Look for a company that individually underwrites each dog it insures. Even if your best friend is considered a “dangerous breed,” your pet’s disposition and past behavior can be taken into account and may help to lower your premium.

You never know when even a docile hound might be provoked to bite. Purchasing liability dog insurance can protect both you and your pet.

How to Obtain Dog Bite Insurance