Staffing Agencies and Drivers

Responsible vehicle operation means having auto insurance to provide coverage for collisions among other incidents involving a car or truck. This is especially true for companies wherein employees drive for business purposes. It becomes even truer for a staffing agency that has employees driving the client’s vehicles. Many clients place the burden of coverage on the staffing agency. This particular coverage is known as Hired and Non-Owned auto insurance.

Breaking Down Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

As with any insurance policy, you need to double check that it addresses the particular needs of your business. A hired and non-owned auto policy generally protects both you and your client from liability in the event that staffing personnel causes property damage or physical injury while driving a client’s vehicle. If you have this coverage, check to see if it also covers the following:

  • Employees driving their own vehicles for a client
  • Employees driving rental cars or “hired cars” on company business

Staffing agency workers renting cars are considered additional insured on hired and non owned auto policies. This specific endorsement must be included.

Understanding Staffing Agency Needs

Temporary workers who drive are not covered by Hired and Non-Owned auto policies. If your firm needs this kind of coverage for non-temp staff, be sure to go with an insurance provider that understands the nuts and bolts of your operations and can put together products that protect you and your clients.

Important Considerations for Staffing Agencies and Drivers
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