Owning your own truck allows you to choose the jobs you want to take. As a truck driver for hire, you may find that some businesses only want to work with you if you have a general liability insurance policy. Transport Insurance Co has the insurance products you need to drive safely regardless of the miles ahead.

Why They Require It

A general liability insurance policy protects you and your business from situations such as wrongful delivery, slander exposure or someone slipping on your rig. Delivering goods for one client to another can result in damages that put you at risk for a lawsuit. Businesses like to work with other businesses that have liability coverage in the event something goes wrong.

What To Expect

Like most insurance policies, general liability insurance has deductibles, premiums and limits. The policies usually cover bodily injury or harm and medical payments when someone is harmed or injured on your rig or rented property. The policy covers property damage for the client in the event their property is damaged upon delivery.

Transport Insurance Co has the general liability insurance for-hired truckers need to land more jobs. Better paying jobs and more of them keep you on the road. Look into additional policies to provide coverage for all your liabilities such as cargo insurance.

Increase Your Chance of Getting Hired With a General Liability Policy