freight insurance

Like other service providers, logistics firms and cargo carriers stay in business thanks to the trust bestowed to them by their clients. Protecting your assets, staff and cargo doesn’t just secure your own future. By extension, you safeguard your clients’ interests and continue building their trust in your organization. That is why it’s essential to have the right kind of freight insurance for over-the-road, marine transportation, warehousing and other applications.

Expanded Protection for Multiple Avenues of Liability

Whether independently or factored into your total insurance solution, your freight insurance should be tooled to address a wide range of transportation, storage and handling scenarios. For example, marine coverage provides protection from start to finish when you’re moving goods by sea, whether it’s the primary method or just one type of conveyance in your total transportation strategy. Depending on your operations, your package might also include warehouse liability for cargo that’s in your custody, transportation legal liability for shipping through intermediaries and other specialty options.

Safeguard Your Cargo and Reputation

As a transportation, logistics, warehousing or similar business, shielding your company from major fiduciary consequences is a necessity. It’s vital to choose the right freight insurance products to deal with lost, damaged or stolen cargo from any number of causes, including accidents, “acts of God,” negligence, criminal actions and more.

Indemnity Solutions for Cargo Carriers
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