If you run an organization in social services, it is essential that you understand insurance and what types of coverage are available to you. Insurance for social services includes a broad range of coverage types, making it easily customized to fit the needs of each specific institution. The following are some of the types of coverage that your social service office may want to purchase.


General Liability covers a broad range of insurance. It might include Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation Liability, and Volunteer Workers as Insureds. It often excludes things like asbestos, lead, liquor liability, and pollution.


Directors & Officers Liability is something that every social services organization should have. Some organizations have multiple directors and officers, and they all need the protection that comes with proper insurance coverage. Employment Practices Liability is another coverage type that often accompanies this.


Property Coverage includes buildings, theft, crime, building contents, equipment breakdown, and replacement costs. Because there are so many different components that make up each service-oriented organization, these can be customized to fit your specific needs.


As you can see, insurance for social services comes in many different forms. These coverage types can be combined to form the most comprehensive insurance solution for your social service organization. The important part is getting in touch with an insurance agent and getting started with the process so that your organization has adequate coverage today.

Insurance for Social Services