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It’s no secret that healthcare providers are vulnerable to litigation, but now, physicians aren’t the only ones who have to worry about being sued. Nurses now face this new reality. As healthcare organizations are generally not obligated to carry malpractice coverage for their nurses, nursing professionals are sued may find that litigation is time-consuming, expensive and threatening to their professional careers. Not only that, nursing organizations contending with these conditions need indemnity solutions that support their missions and keep them in business for the long run. The perfect solution? NSO healthcare insurance.

Professional Liability Coverage for Nurses Services Providers

Whether you’re an individual nurse practitioner or an organization supplying nursing care services, you need robust, powerful professional liability coverage in your insurance package. In addition to any general liability policies you already carry, professional liability products typically address malpractice claims. Not only that, nursing organizations can enjoy other types of indemnity protection from options such as:

  • Personal injury coverage
  • Sexual misconduct and abuse coverage
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • License protection
  • Legal expenses benefits

These aren’t the only products available with single-person or institution-wide NSO healthcare insurance, but the right coverages bundled together to form a hedge against significant losses. Depending on your needs, your package may comprise many different policy types. It’s a good idea to choose an insurance company that specializes in recommending innovation insurance solutions for allied health care organizations and nursing professionals.

Insurance Solutions for Nursing Professionals
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