Restaurant’s Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented novel challenges to restaurant owners and managers, and they have experienced massive drops in patronage and revenue. As restaurants navigate how to go about reopening, they have to be very diligent and cautious about what they do to create a safe environment for employees and diners.

Limit Your Seating Capacity

Distancing is problematic for restaurants. Putting limits on the number of people that you can serve will invariably affect profitability. However, having people seated too close together could have a far worse impact on revenue because it will create the appearance of unsafe conditions. It’s essential that you create adequate space between tables and limit the total number of people allowed inside.

Sanitize Continuously

In addition to wiping down tables, effectively preventing spread at restaurants requires wiping down all frequently touched surfaces. Chairs and door handles must be cleaned repeatedly. Frequent cleaning is a strong demonstration of diners that you take sanitization and safety very seriously.

Require Masks

Employees must wear masks at all times. Diners should be required to wear masks until they are seated. While some leaders have set a poor example of mask-wearing, the safety benefit of masks is irrefutable. While cumbersome, this policy will reassure diners that it’s safe to enter your restaurant.

Keep Your Restaurant’s Employees and Diners Safe
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