artisan contractors

People planning upcoming construction projects may hear about artisan and general contractors. While they may seem like they overlap, these contractors have a few key differences that are useful to know, especially when thinking about the workers’ insurance coverage.

What Is a General Contractor?

General contractors have comprehensive knowledge and experience with all types of construction projects. For smaller projects, they tend to handle them personally and without much help. Meanwhile, during larger projects, they lead a team of contractors and even hire subcontractors for specific parts.

What Is an Artisan Contractor?

In contrast, artisan contractors have a more specific type of work and handle tasks that can be completed or resolved by their specialized skills. They can either run their independent projects and businesses or can collaborate with general contractors to work on certain parts of the project.

What Are Their Coverages?

The broad range of general contractors’ skills, as well as their employment of other subcontractors and professionals, necessitates basic insurance coverages such as general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto. Meanwhile, artisan contractors with their own businesses and projects will need a specialized plan that includes personal injury, damage to the client or third party, advertising injury, and more.

While contractors have the overall goal of completing projects for their clients, they have differences that affect progress, payment, and other elements. The individuals that hire them need to consider the differences between these two contractors to ensure success for the project.

Learn the Difference Between General and Artisan Contractors