professional liability insurance for nurses

According to a study done by the Nurses Service Organization, it costs an average of $60,000 to defend a malpractice lawsuit brought against a nurse. Despite their efforts to offer patient care and improve quality of life, malpractice claims are a common and growing threat to the nursing profession. With coverage policies like professional liability insurance for nurses, medical professionals are able to financially afford legal assistance if a lawsuit is opened.

Duty of Care

For nurses, there a standard ‘duty of care’ which determines the level of assistance they are to render to a patient.

Liabilities evolving into litigation usually arise due to the following:

There was a duty of care owed to the patient.
The nurse willfully or negligently breached this duty of care.
The absence of appropriate care rendered measurable damage to the patient.

Resolution for Breach of Duty

Nursing liability is a complex area of personal injury law, and any malpractice claims that are opened should be brought to the attention of the employer immediately. While your employer may have a legal team to assist with your situation, carrying your own professional liability insurance for nurses will supply the funds necessary to secure your own defense.
Malpractice claims are a concern of all medical professionals, and nurses bear a tremendous weight of exposure due to their front line assistance with patient needs. Protect your career and efforts by investing in a professional liability policy that can help with legal issues.

Legal Financing for Nursing Professionals