Insurance sales leads
Insurance sales leads

Anyone in sales can attest to the fact that eating one’s own product is never a good thing. Yet that’s just what many in sales face if they don’t have a good source of leads. Insurance sales is no different, especially given that customers rarely go out just looking to buy insurance like they would a new TV or lawnmower. Knowing where and how to generate effective insurance sales leads will do wonders for your business. Such a skill isn’t that difficult; it’s just takes recognizing the marketing opportunities right in front of you

  • Internet: With over 80% of insurance transactions taking place online, why wouldn’t you open a virtual door into your business? Utilizing tools such as e-mails and learning SEO principles can help get your insurance products in front of more eyes than you ever dreamed was possible.
  • Telemarketing: You may despise telemarketers calling you at home, but that’s only because so many do it so ineffectively. The truth behind telemarketing is that it is one of the most successful ways to convert insurance sales leadsas it allows you to discuss your product with customers in a non-threatening environment. Learning how to do it effectively gives you a leg up on your competitors.
  • Pressing the flesh”: Even with the mass consumer migration to e-commerce, the experience of looking into one’s eyes and shaking hands still can’t be beat. The trick is knowing where to go to meet new customers in person. Conventions, trade shows, even county fairs offer the chance to meet thousands of potential clients.

Good insurance sales leadsdon’t come easy; learning how to get them is vital to your business’ success. So if you’re tired of having to use barbeque sauce to choke your policy manuals down, get out there and find yourself some good leads!

Living and Dying with Your Leads
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