Homeowners insurance in Los Angeles is no small expense. You want to be sure that your home, belongings, and finances are covered without going over your monthly budget. Fortunately, there are some smart ways to lower your premium without sacrificing coverage.

The first thing you can do is forgo some dangerous extra features. Things like pools, hot tubs, and trampolines pose a threat to yourself and guests, making these things major liabilities. Keep premiums low by lessening the risk.

Another way to secure your home and lower your premium is to install an alarm system. Choose a centralized system that a company monitors. If it alerts authorities to break ins, fires, and other problems, it can decrease your monthly payments.

Companies that issue homeowners insurance in Los Angeles like to see features that reduce the likelihood of you making a claim. To show this, you can install storm shutters, retrofit your home to be earthquake resistant, and make other structural improvements.

Another way to lower your monthly fee is to choose a higher deductible. Of course, this means that you pay more if you file a claim. However, if you can save $10,000 for a nest egg, you may choose this option.

Insurance companies each offer different discounts. Be sure to ask your agent what other ways you can lower your premium. The answers may surprise you.

How to Lower Your Home Insurance Premium