Assisted Living Liability

Residential communities for individuals aged 55 and over are growing as baby boomers grow older and seek added comfort and security at home. Communities are adapting services and offerings to meet the changing needs of the greying population. Source: Those shifts in care demand a matching shift in risk management and increased assisted living liability insurance coverage.

Differences Between Independent and Assisted Living

Independent living communities offer safe and appropriate housing for older adults. These may have minor adaptations like grab bars and single-level living in homes and apartments and opportunities for social engagement. However, care services are generally not provided. That is the domain of assisted living services. Yet, as formerly independent seniors need increased assistance, many communities are offering expanded services to residents.

Risks Associated With Assisted Living Care

In addition to the obvious risks associated with medical care, there are other risks involved in offering these services. Namely, administrators and providers open themselves up to claims of professional liability and security breaches. The expanded use of technology in care planning also increases cybersecurity risks.

Protection Where You Need It

Assisted living liability insurance offers coverage for increased risks associated with expanding care services. From professional and medical liability to HIIPA violations and security breaches, the right policy will ensure you can continue to operate in the event of a claim against you or your facility.

Managing Risks for Senior Residential Living Communities
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