Moving and Grooving

As a driver of a big rig, you understand that there are major risks associated with the way you work. An accident involving cars and trucks can lead to significant injury or damage. This is especially true with semi-trucks which are some of the largest vehicles on the road with greater stopping distances. Physical damage insurance for semi-truck driving is of great benefit to long haulers like you and the way you work.

Understanding Semi Truck Physical Damage Insurance

You may be required to carry this type of insurance, especially if your vehicle is financed or leased. Look for a combined physical damage policy that includes collision coverage as well as protection against theft, fire, vandalism, broken windows, accidents involving animals or weather. If your semi is being leased or financed, a single claim for uncovered damages puts you and your business at serious risk.

Tailoring Your Insurance Protection

Truck drivers transport all types of materials for various trucking business operations. Risks vary from driver to driver, so some should consider comprehensive policies that are tailored to their work. Choose an insurer who can help you outline your specific needs and develop a plan that truly works for you. Don’t risk having one incident wiping out your business or ability to earn income transporting products.

Moving and Grooving Along With Proper Insurance
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