insurance transport

As a new truck driver, you may be ready to get that first transport load done with and establish your career. New drivers may have trouble finding insurance transport policies. Here are some guidelines to help you start in the right lane with your new career by lowering your risks.

Driving Record

Keeping your driving record clear of infractions and accidents can lower your insurance. Similar to standard auto insurance, companies reward good driving records.

Geographic Radius

In the first year or so, it is a good idea to limit the geographic scope of your operation. By only working in a certain territory, state or region, you better luck you have of finding an insurance company willing to work with you. Continue to have a good record and you can increase that territory over time.

Safety Training

Staying on top of safety training helps lower insurance costs and maintenance on your rig. Safety training is similar to defensive driving for personal automobiles.

Good Credit

Good credit helps you get better rates on insurance. While not always a good indicator of your driving skills, good credit is something insurers look at when ascertaining your risk.

Transporting goods across town, regions and states keeps the country running smoothly. Use these tips to lower your insurance transport policy rates. They can also help you get and expand your coverage.

New Drivers: Tips To Lower Your Transport Liability Risks